A Donation To Little Princesses!

A BIG Thank You for the Donation!

We absolutely ADORE our Clients, especially when they are Braving The Chop & Donating Their Hair to the Fantastic Folk at The Little Princess Trust!

As we have reported before, we support The Little Princess Trust by sending Hair that has been Kindly Donated by our wonderful clients to them, so that they can be made into Wigs for all the Little Princesses out there!

Whats more, is that this gave our Wonderful Client the Perfect Opportunity for a Fantastic Restyle!

So, if you are thinking about going from Long Hair to Short, or fancy a drastic difference with your ‘do, get in touch and have a Free, No Obligation consultation with our Stunning Stylist Team, lets see what We can do for you. At the same time, you can make a little girls dream come true!