Hastings Bin Fire Rescue!

Sarah To The Rescue!

Our resident firefighter Sarah came to the rescue once more by tackling an ‘Out Of Control’* Bin Fire outside of our Hastings Salon!

"Here I Come To Save The Day...."

“Here I Come To Save The Day….”

As soon as the ‘Emergency’ was noticed, our Sarah rushed to the rescue with a jug of Water to extinguish the ‘Blaze’!

Thanks to her swift actions, there were no casualties and need for the Emergency Fire Service to be called (Much to the dismay of the Ladies of Red Hair).

So Thank you Sarah, for your Swift Actions and Heroic Response!

You too can come and see Super Sarah! Why not book an appointment with her Online and save yourself 10% on the service whilst you are at it!

Keep checking back for more on our Resident Salon Heroes (and Heroines)!


*Ahem…. ok, it was just little, but hey, She is still Our Hero!