Hair Extensions

The Best Hair Extensions at Red Hair Salons, Rye & Hastings

If you are looking for longer hair, more volume or maybe a dash of colour without colouring your hair, why not consider hair extensions at Red Hair Salons in Rye or Hastings? We offer a range of high-quality hair extension services which can be tailored to suit your needs!  The type of hair extension and fixing method you choose will depend entirely on the look you wish to achieve.

Hair Extensions Consultations at Red Hair Salons in East Sussex

We always recommend you book in for a free, no obligation, hair extensions consultation so we can work out a plan for your hair.  

Our friendly stylists will chat with you about your requirements, check the condition of your hair and advise you whether hair extensions are right for you. We will ask you about your daily routine during work and play so we can provide you with a plan to maintain your extensions. This, along with two complimentary maintenance sessions will ensure that your hair extensions continue to look great for longer!  

Book a hair extension consultation at either one of our award-winning hairdressing salons in East Sussex by calling 01797 360258 for our Rye salon or 01424 201 940 for our Hastings hair salon. 

Add Volume & Length With Hair Extensions

Most people consider hair extensions because they want to add some instant length to their hair, but hair extensions are also an excellent way to boost the volume of your hair. We can match the colour to your natural or pre-coloured hair, blending it in perfectly to give a natural look.  Some people love hair extensions because they can add fun colours into their hair – enjoying coloured hair without having it chemically coloured!  

Which Hair Extensions Should I Choose?

We offer several different types of hair extensions, available for all budgets, including tape extensions, weft extensions, micro-ring extensions and nano-ring hair extensions.  Read on to find out more…

Tape Hair Extensions

hair extensions at top hair salons in Rye, Battle & HastingsTape hair extensions are the quickest way to transform your hair because a full head of tape hair extensions can usually be applied in around 30 minutes. 

We can add volume, length and colour to your hair using tape-in hair extensions which are taped around your natural hair, directly at the roots. 

They lie flat to your hair so are virtually undetectable. 

Please note that tape hair extensions need to be applied onto clean, washed hair that has no conditioner in it. The hair needs to be straight so it is well worth booking in for a blow dry before your extensions are applied so your final looks is absolutely perfect.

We offer options for a half head or full head of tape hair extensions, with varying prices depending on whether you have fine hair, coarse hair or ‘normal’ medium hair.

Check out our price list for more information. 


Weft Hair Extensions

Weft Hair Extensions, Best Hair Salons, Hastings, BattleWeft hair extensions – also known as sewn in hair extensions –  make use of your hair to braid and then secure the extensions to your head.

This provides a stronger hold, lasting around 4–6 weeks before requiring maintenance.

The service generally lasts between one to three hours, depending on your requirements and how many rows of hair you require!

So whether you want more length or greater volume, this may be the choice for you!

Your Red Hair extensions specialist will help you decide which hair extensions might best suit you. 


Micro Ring Hair Extensions (Stick Tip)

Micro Ring Hair Extensions, Hair Salons, Hastings & BattleMicro Ring hair extensions involve the use of a fixture, such as a micro ring or micro tube, to keep the hair extension in place without the use of heat or glue.

Also known sometimes as Stick Tip hair extensions, they are considered to be one of the safest and least damaging methods available, causing no damage to the natural hair.

We only use 100% human hair extensions which are virtually undetectable, kind to your scalp and comfortable to wear. We use small sections of your own hair to secure the micro ring in place.

The pre-bonded strand is then placed inside the micro ring along with your natural hair and sealed into place using a special application tool.

A full head of extensions usually takes around two hours and should last up to nine weeks with the correct maintenance and aftercare.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions (Nano Tip)

Nano Ring Hair Extensions, Red Hairdressers, Hastings, BattleNano Ring hair extensions are much the same as Micro Ring, but up to 90% smaller and, therefore, less noticeable than the Micro Ring extensions.

If you are looking for a completely natural look, these extensions may be the choice for you. These hair extensions are especially useful should you have thinner hair,due to the discreetness of the bonds and rings themselves. Their smaller size makes them more comfortable against the scalp and on the hair.

The application technique is much the same as that of the Micro Ring and a full head of extensions will usually take around two hours and should last up to nine weeks with the correct maintenance and aftercare.

How To Look After Your Hair Extensions

After your hair extension appointment we advise the use of recommended aftercare products by your Red Hair Salon stylist which have been formulated to care for your natural hair and new hair extensions. 

Heated appliances can be used on human hair extensions in exactly the same way as you would with your own hair. We would recommend you protect your hair extensions by applying a heat protection spray before using heated styling tools.

To prevent your hair extensions from becoming matted we would recommend that you gently comb through with a tangle removing brush. 


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