Hair Extensions

Looking for some additional length to your ‘do?

Perhaps you are after a little more volume?

Or how about adding a dash of colour, without colouring your hair?

We offer a range of Extension Services, tailored to suit your needs!

Extension Types: We offer ‘Weft’ or ‘Sewn In’, Micro Ring (Stick Tip) and Nano Ring (Nano Tip) extensions.

So much choice! What is best for me?

This will depend entirely on the look that you wish to achieve! Our Free, No Obligation, Extensions Consultation service will provide the answer to this!

Our friendly stylists will have a chat with you about your requirements, whether you want a fuller look, more volume or some of colour here and there. They will also check the condition of your hair and advise you whether Hair Extensions are right for you, after all, your well being is paramount!

They will also discuss with you how best to maintain your Extensions, talking with you about your routine during work and play to provide you with the best possible maintenance regime to suit your daily activities! This, along with two complimentary maintenance sessions, ensures that your Hair Extensions continue to provide you with the look you desire for longer!

Ok, sounds great! But what is the difference between the Extension Types that you offer?




Weft Extensions: Weft, or ‘Sewn in’ extensions make use of your hair to braid and then secure the extensions to your head. This provides a stronger hold, lasting around 4 – 6 weeks before requiring maintenance. The service itself generally lasts between one to three hours, depending on your requirements and how many rows of hair you require! So whether you want more length or greater volume, this may be the choice for you!




stick-tipMicro Rings (Stick Tip)

Micro Ring/Stick tip hair extensions involves the use of a fixture, such as a micro ring or micro tube, to keep the hair extension in place without the use of heat or glue. They are considered to be one of the safest & least damaging methods available, causing no damage to the natural hair.

We only use 100% Human Hair Extensions, which are fitted using the Micro Ring technology. The extensions are virtually undetectable and are kind to your scalp and comfortable to wear. We use small section of your own hair to secured  the micro ring in place. The pre-bonded strand is then placed inside the micro ring along with your natural hair, then we use an application tool to seal and lock the extension into place. A full head of extensions usually takes around two hours and should last up to nine weeks with the correct maintenance and aftercare.


nanoNano Ring (Nano Tip)

Nano Ring Hair Extensions are much the same as Micro Ring, but up to 90% smaller and, therefore, less noticable than the Micro Ring extensions, so if you are looking for the completely natural look, these extensions may be the choice for you! These extensions are especially useful should you have thinner hair,due to the discreetness of the bonds and rings themselves. Their smaller size makes them more comfortable against the scalp and on the hair.

The application technique is much the same as that of the Micro Ring and a full head of extensions will usually take around two hours and should last up to nine weeks with the correct maintenance and aftercare.


colourringYou mentioned Colour?

Ah yes! Our Hair Extensions are available in a range of colours and are perfect to add a highlighted look to your hair, without requiring a highlighting service!

We can match up the colours that will best suit your hair tone, or if you want to add a little flair or creativity, we can have a chat with you about that too!

So in short, the best thing for you to do is to give us a call on 01424 201940 for Hastings or 01233 645823 for Ashford and book in your Free Consultation with one of our Team!

We look forward to seeing you!